Howdy! I make videos & motion graphics for Pew Research Center by day and am fortunate to call
AIGA DC my tribe. I'm also a proud mama to an American Staffy rescue, known as Zelda. #goterps

longer version
Howdy! I'm Kimberly Arias but call me Kim. 
Currently, I'm the Video & Motion Graphics Producer at The Pew Research Center. As a new member
of the digital team, I'm developing a plan to increase the quality of our video products with the intentto 
disseminate our findings through video, motion graphics, data viz, and interviews.
Previously, I was the Visual Design Manager at Voto Latino during the 2016-17 election cycle where our team worked to embolden young people to register to vote. Prior to Voto Latino, I was an in-house designer for four years at Ullico Inc., focusing on print, video and ad campaigns.
Outside of Pew, I serve as President for the Washington, DC Chapter of AIGA. I'm proud to say I'm originally from the Washington, DC area and graduated from the University of Maryland. Nevertheless,
my proudest moment was when I became a dog-mom to an pitbull rescue, Zelda 🐶.
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