Howdy! I make videos & motion graphics for Pew Research Center by day and am fortunate to call AIGA DC my tribe. I'm also a proud mama to an American Staffy rescue, known as Zelda. #goterps

longer version
Howdy! I'm Kimberly Arias but call me Kim. 
Currently, I'm the Video & Motion Graphics Producer at Pew Research Center. As a new member of the digital team, I'm developing a plan to increase the quality of our video products with the intent to disseminate our findings through video, motion graphics, data viz, and interviews.
Previously, I was the Visual Design Manager at Voto Latino during the 2016-17 election cycle where our team worked to embolden young people to register to vote. Prior to Voto Latino, I was an in-house designer for four years at Ullico Inc., focusing on print, video and ad campaigns.
Outside of Pew, I serve on the Board of Directors for the Washington, DC Chapter of AIGA as their Strategy Director. I'm also originally from the Washington, DC area who once upon a time, graduated from the University of Maryland. Nevertheless, my proudest moment was when I became a dog-mom to an American Staffy rescue, Zelda 🐶.
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